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Orgasmic Disorders

What is an orgasmic disorder?

Female orgasmic disorder is generally defined as a delay in or absence of sexual climax (orgasm) despite sufficiently long and intense sexual stimulation. The type and amount of sexual stimulation required for female orgasm to occur varies greatly from woman to woman.

Although many women can experience orgasm from direct clitoral stimulation, only about half of women experience orgasm from sexual intercourse. Approximately 1 in 10 women have NEVER experienced an orgasm during intercourse. This means that worldwide over 200 million women have never experienced an orgasm during sexual intercourse! The good news is that millions of women have already proven that you can change this frustrating situation.

unhappy woman with female orgasm disorderWhile sex without orgasm can still be quite pleasurable, many women find sexual intercourse without climaxing to be unsatisfactory and unfulfilling. This can lead to feelings of frustration and may result in resentment and occasionally in distaste for anything sexual.

Is female orgasmic disorder the same as HSDD?

Although physical and psychological causes can be similar to those of sexual arousal disorder, female orgasmic disorders and most orgasm disorders are not considered to be a part of hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD).

Generally, women with female orgasmic disorder differ from women with HSDD in that they specifically have reduced interest in sex for a very tangible reason - the inability to achieve orgasm and the feeling of dissatisfaction and lack of fulfillment that results from not being able to climax during intercourse.

Women with female orgasmic disorder don't actually suffer from low female libido or inability to get sexually aroused - rather they gradually lose interest in sexual activity due to feelings of 'hopelessness' and frustration at not being able to achieve orgasm and sexual satisfaction. In this way, lack of interest in sex is more of a 'learned behavior' that stems from a lack of sexual satisfaction.

Women with HSDD have a different problem in that they lack the ability to become sexually aroused or interested in sex, for a variety of different reasons. There are a few similarities though, as the end result for women with HSDD or female orgasmic disorder is the same - a lack of interest/desire in sexual activity or intimacy.

Female orgasmic disorders may result from lovemaking that consistently ends before the woman reaches orgasm. The woman may not reach orgasm because foreplay is inadequate, because one or both partners do not understand how the genital organs function, or because ejaculation is premature. Depression can also be a common cause of female orgasmic disorder.

Orgasmic disorder may be temporary, may occur after years of normal sexual function, or may be lifelong. It may occur all the time or only in certain situations. Most women who have a problem reaching orgasm also have a problem being aroused. It's important to remember, however, that just like with hypoactive sexual desire disorder - there are many solutions that can help treat and eliminate female orgasmic disorder.

Treatment options for female orgasmic disorder.

One bright spot for women experiencing female orgasmic disorder is the knowledge that orgasmic disorders are extremely common in women (and some men) and are also quite treatable.

There are many treatment options available for women with female orgasmic disorder. Although there are no FDA-approved prescription drugs yet available for orgasmic disorder, there are several natural treatments for female orgasmic disorder which have been approved and are recommended and endorsed by several doctors and naturopaths.

woman enjoying sex again after curing female orgasmic disorder In addition to these medically formulated supplements to treat female orgasmic disorder, other treatments can be quite successful. If the cause is psychological, counseling for the woman, usually with her partner, often helps. Psychotherapy for the woman or the couple may be recommended. Physical disorders, if present, are treated.

Women who have successfully used herbal remedies to treat orgasmic disorders claim a noticeable increase in their sexual enjoyment and ability to achieve orgasm. Most report achieving an "intercourse orgasm" within 2 months of starting the supplement cycle. For many of these women, this was the first orgasm they had ever experienced!

You should feel confident in knowing there are several products that are proving helpful in eliminating female orgasmic disorder and restoring a normal sex life. Thousands of women are re-discovering the pleasure of a satisfying sex life while rekindling intimacy in their relationships. Make the decision to enjoy sex again and get the pleasure you truly deserve!

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